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Utilize These 5 Tips for Buying Cyber Liability Insurance

Posted on August 25th, 2015 by

Protecting your confidential data from the effects of cyber-thefts and hackers is very important to your livelihood. However, you should consider a comprehensive cyber-security insurance policy for complete coverage. The following tips will help make the best decision.

Cyber Insurance

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  • Protection for unencrypted devices. The devices that you use outside of the workplace may not be encrypted and may need special coverage to protect information.
  • Data restoration coverage. If it is likely that your computer system can be breached, be sure that you have a policy that will cover the costs that you will incur to replace and improve your computer system.
  • Corporate client coverage. Many policies cover the data of individual clients. You should have a policy that covers the data of your corporate clients also.
  • Resolution of identity theft. Once identity theft has been recognized, will the cost of resolving the identity theft issue be covered under your policy?
  • Third party protection. If you transmit information to third party companies, will that information be covered?

These are some things to consider when you are purchasing cyber-liability insurance. Comprehensive coverage will protect you, your individual and corporate clients and third-party companies. Contact Durkin Agency, Inc for more cyber-liability insurance information.